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Foundations propelling growth of Internet of Things

Internet of Things has penetrated in all walks of life. Internet of Things has found its use case in all types of industries – agriculture, automative, healthcare, smart cities, wearables. Building software systems which can interact with already built cloud systems needs a combined effort of all stakeholders. This where open source foundations play a pivotal role is defining standards for interoperability, building unbiased and … Continue reading Foundations propelling growth of Internet of Things

Connecting IoT Devices to IBM Watson IoT Platform

IBM Cloud offers IoT Platform services which allows IoT developers to receive and visualise sensor data from IoT Devices. Visit to get started. First thing you need to do is to register yourself to IBM cloud with a free account. With a free account, you can explore IBM Watson’s IoT Platform upto 500 devices. This seems to be large enough to experiment with the … Continue reading Connecting IoT Devices to IBM Watson IoT Platform

Introduction to AWS IoT

AWS IoT is an IoT platform which lets users connect their devices to AWS services. AWS offers it in two logical components IoT Core Device Management Services IoT Core provides: Secure bi-directional communication between internet connected devices such as sensors, micro-controllers and AWS Cloud services. Device Management Services are: Modules which help in registering, authenticating devices. Helps users create logical grouping of devices. Run jobs … Continue reading Introduction to AWS IoT

Tales on Internet of Things

This blog is about stories about Internet of Things or IoT and ┬áthe ecosystem around it. It’s for people who want to build and use IoT systems. IoT generally refers to the devices which are connected to the internet. These devices are mostly sensors which collect data and send data over to the cloud. Once this data is received on cloud, it is analysed and … Continue reading Tales on Internet of Things