Tales on Internet of Things

This blog is about stories about Internet of Things or IoT and  the ecosystem around it. It’s for people who want to build and use IoT systems.

IoT generally refers to the devices which are connected to the internet. These devices are mostly sensors which collect data and send data over to the cloud. Once this data is received on cloud, it is analysed and can be used to derive further value.


Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 10.19.51 PM
IoT Ecosystem’s Components

The ecosystem of IoT has categorically three important aspects :

  1. Hardware – This is an enabler for data collection and actuation on the device. These devices form the lowermost layer of the ecosystem. They are the first entry point to any IoT system.
  2. Network Layer – This forms the backbone of any IoT system. Every device which needs to communicate over cloud does it using one of the standard communication protocols. MQTT, being the most suited one among others like HTTP and Websockets.
  3. Software – This is the backbone which sits on top of the hardware components and forms the application component of IoT. The software part here comprises of the IoT Cloud Platforms, Utility Softwares like Device Management Platforms which support IoT Cloud Platforms and IoT DevOps.

This blog is attempt to cover the current landscape of different components of IoT ecosystem. Stay tuned for more IoT Tales!


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